Sofidel Heavenly Soft® DissolveTech Center Pull Towel-600'

Item # PP CP410334

  • Reduces cross-contamination when combined with our patented center pull towel dispenser because users only touch the towel they need.
  • Perforated to ensure one-at-a-time dispensing
  • 1 Ply. 10" sheet size.
600', FALSE
Alternate #410334
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Manufactured with temporary wet strength technology, DissolveTech hardwound roll towels have a very high dry resistance which ensures the same degree of strength and absorbency as standard paper hand towels during hand drying. Resistant like a hand towel, dissolvable like toilet paper. Once used, it can also be disposed of in the toilet system, where it will dissolve completely with no risk of clogging, just like regular toilet paper.