Fortech® C-Tran Ultra™ Brushless Vehicle Wash - 55 Gal.

Item # FT 70455

  • Cleans and removes road film without scrubbing. Designed to clean trucks, buses and other vehicles. Can be used in hot or cold pressure washers.
  • Effective removal of windshield "eyebrows"
  • Improves rinsing. No filming/"whitening"
  • Safe on paint, glass, decals, and polished aluminum
55 Gal., FALSE
Alternate #FT70455
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Removes the road film by de-ionizing the surface-dirt attraction. Can be used on painted metal, plain steel, painted wood and fiberglass. Has a surfactant polymer system for producing frictionless car and truck wash pre-soaks, detergents, tire/wheel cleaner and hard surface cleaners and degreasers. Unique polymers provide enhanced rinsing.