Fortech® Machine Dishwash™ HD Detergent - 5 Gal.

Item # FT 50305

  • An easy to use general-purpose alkaline detergent designed for use with automatic feed systems. Works effectively in hard & soft water.
  • Safe on glassware, china and stainless
  • Will not corrode the washer
5 Gal., FALSE
Alternate #FT50305
  • Ships as a Hazardous Material
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Cuts through grease and soil and leaves plates and glasses sparkling clean. Not recommended on aluminum serveware.

Directions For Use

  • Before using, read Material Safety Data Sheet for this material.
  • Especially compounded for use with automatic dishwashers.
  • This product will work equally well at higher temperatures.
  • For best results the injection system should be set to deliver 0.3% - 0.5% by weight or approximately 1/3 oz per gallon in the cycle.
  • Compounded to remove heavy soil.
  • It should be used with water temperature of at least 120 degrees.
  • Maintain a wash tank concentration of 0.40% by weight.
  • For harder water (over 12 grains) the concentration should be increased.

Technical Data

  • Color: Red
  • Specific Gravity @75F: 1.31
  • Density @75F: 10.9 lbs/gallon
  • pH: 12.5
  • Viscosity @75F: Thin
  • Alkalinity (total & active): 19% Na20
  • Phosphates: 2.3%P205
  • HMIS Rating: Flammability 0, health 3, reactivity 0