Fortech® Water & Rust Stain Remover™ - Qt.

Item # FT 17632

  • A unique solution to many stain problems on many surfaces. Remove rust, scale & hard water deposits from toilets, urinals, fabrics, laundry carpets & metals.
  • Attacks rust chemically without attacking the surface
  • Removes: toilet rings, rust stains & mineral deposits
Alternate #FT17632
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Read and understand the material safety data sheet. Always wear water proof gloves. Do Not use above eye level. Do not mix with other chemicals.

Directions For Use

  • Before using, read Material Safety Data Sheet for this material.

Toilets & Urinals: 1. Lower water in bowl by forcing water over trap with bowl mop or by pouring a bucket of water quickly into the toilet. 2. Saturate bowl mop and apply WSR to stained areas. 3. Rinse bowl by flushing at least twice. 4. Carefully

Carpets & Fabrics: 1. Test carpet and fabric in an inconspicuous area for deleterious effects. 2. Apply Water and Rust Stain Remover[TM] to a sponge or towel and blot on stained area. Apply Water and Rust Stain Remover[TM] with a light spray for larg

  • Glass: Caution: WSR may etch mirrors, glass, ceramic tile and porcelain. User assumes all risk of damage to glass products.

Technical Data

  • Active Ingredient: Ammonium Bifluoride
  • Color: Amber
  • Fragrance: Pleasant
  • Specific Gravity @ 75F: 1.02
  • Stability @ 75F: 1 year minimum
  • Density @ 75F: 8.5 lbs gallon
  • HMIS Rating: Flammability 0, health 2, reactivity 0, personal protection B.