Fortech® Red X™ Multi Purpose Cleaner & Deg. - 55 Gal.

Item # FT 10755

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Fast acting & biodegradable. Concentrated, useful for a wide variety of institutional cleaning jobs. Safe on all surfaces not harmed by water alone. 1,001 uses. Removes heavy oil, grease, wax, ink and tough stains from hard surfaces such as concrete, tile, quarry tile, brick, etc.

Gallon Pictured.

Directions For Use

  • Before using, read Material Safety Data Sheet for this material.
  • Light soil, walls, woodwork: 1:64 (2 oz per gallon of water). Wipe surface with cloth or sponge dampened with diluted Red X or apply through trigger sprayer. Wipe dry with cloth.
  • Heavy degreasing: 1:3 (1 quart per gallon of water). Spray on and allow to soak 5 minutes and rinse. High pressure spray gives spectacular cleaning results.
  • Kitchens: 1:10 (12 oz per gallon of water). Use to clean vent hoods, fans, blowers, appliances, burners, etc. Always rinse.
  • Floor cleaning: Can be used as a top scrub prior to recoating, use 1-2 oz per gallon of water. Apply, scrub, rinse. For unwaxed, heavily soiled floors, use 4 - 8 oz per gallon of water; apply scrub with machine, remove and rinse.
  • Miscellaneous: Use various dilutions to remove lipstick, crayon, blood stains, black heel marks. Remove stains from carpets. Wonderful on white sidewall tires and vinyl upholstery in cars, and as a pre-spotter for heavily soiled laundry.

Technical Data

  • Form: Liquid
  • Color: Red
  • pH: 12.2 - 12.8
  • Specific Gravity: 1.041
  • Density: 8.66 lbs/gallon
  • Freeze/Thaw Stable: 3 cycles
  • DOT Hazardous: No
  • Foam: Moderate
  • Solvents: Glycol Ether
  • HMIS Rating: Flammability 0, Health 1, Reactivity 0, Personal Protection B